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True Life Fundraising Stories

Our true stories are the best examples and inspirations for the starters, To make your life easy we have the best collection of real life stories from the fundraisers themselves.

Successful fundraising story revolves around the different people and their needs, activates, organizations and events and helps the church needs or society needs by raising charity. And from each story there is knowledge and tips for the fundraisers.

Check out our database of stories and learn from each experience and implement for your ideas.

Raising Money to pay for a School Group Trip

- An experience shared by Spanish group who goes on a trip to Mexico every year and their funding techniques.

Raising Funds for My Church

- This is an unusual experience on raising funds for their church repair and their experience on working as a team.

Church Youth Group Raises Money

- This is a story of church members who took guidelines from pastor to raise money for youth group.

Raising Funds for a Children Playground

- This is a story to raise fund to rip the old playground out and fit a shiny new one for local children.

Raising Funds For New Stained Glass Windows for Our Church

- The story behind the church celebrating the millennium for our church, a group of members decided to meet up and discuss the ideas and landed up with idea of fitting new stained glass windows.

Small School Fundraising

- This is a Story of a school to purchase some new computers for the children.

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