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Successful Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleading teams need money to manage their trip, stay during the competition, new uniforms, poms, safety mats, and many essential items of equipment, and this is the reason why team needs to raise money.

Whatever the reason, having a fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cheerleading team. One of the great things about doing one of these is that you have a squad of cheerleaders to help with the fundraiser and you don't have to pay them. It is also a good team-building experience; it gets the team together and is a good bonding experience.

Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

There are all kinds of different ways to hold a cheerleading fundraiser.

Arrange a raffle

– An easy and quick way to raise some funds for your cheerleader team. In any sporting event people will be in a mood to have fun they will be open to spend that extra dollar. Fun is in air - ask people to buy tickets and put them in a box and, once selling is over, pick a ticket and the winner gets a percentage of the money. You can work out the percentage that you want to keep

Bake sale

– Set up a convenient time at church, school on any function like a sporting event. Ask each member to bring something to the bake sale.


– An easy way to raise money is to have members of the team go door to door and sell items. Give freedom for your members to sell any number of items and any type like candy bars, calendars, crafts, books, homemade products etc. and make sure to reward the person who has sold the most items.

Overall you need to convey to potential buyers that your money is going towards a good cause, people will be eager to help a good cause and also try their chance and luck to win, it is a win-win situation for them. If they were to buy a lottery ticket and lose, they would get absolutely nothing. Whereas in your case if they lose in the raffle they still can say that they contributed to a good cause.

When it comes to charity, people will buy things that they don't even want, just to help contribute to a good cause. The way you represent yourself matters a lot so best way to keep your donors informed is to be detailed and tell them what the proceeds are going towards and show them team trophies and explain them your passion and be crazy to sell the idea to show them what you're about. The best way to feel your passion is to wear your "team" shirt or uniforms when you're out raising money.