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Fundraising Books and Resources

Fundraising is an activity which runs on knowledge and the passion to drive your goal of raising funds for a good cause.

In this technical world there are many fundraising books on how to raise money and many books have sold like a hot cakes but here, we review the best ebooks and websites with which you can succeed at fundraising without any hassles.

In reading these books you'll discover and unfold the truths of fundraising; you will get knowledge on how to get individuals, companies or trusts to donate to your cause and also from this knowledge you can for sure avoid basic mistakes. With the confidence you get by reading you will be able to plan your activity for raising almost any sum.

Online Resources

The Fundraising Planner A Working Model for Raising the Dollars You Need by Terry Schaff and Doug Schaff

This is a guide for beginners to teach you how to build a fundraising campaign. This gives you the prospect lists, developing a calendar of events and tracking your progress and also includes tips on strengthening your mission statement.

The Complete Fundraising Handbook by Nina Botting and Michael Norton

A guide on everything you need to know about fundraising. This gives the advice for large charities and also smaller ones and also helps with government grants, and advice on engaging to individual donors.

Effective Fundraising For Nonprofits

A great book with ideas and tips with great strategies written by Ilona M Bray, By using the knowledge from this book will help you to raise money for your nonprofit organization

Fund Raising for Dummies by John Mutz and Katherine Murray

The bestseller and an extremely useful book if you’ve a beginner, it is a great read on the tricky technical subjects, information on tax laws, and also has is a hands-on guide gives you the picture of fundraising activities. This is best even for those who are in this field and want to excel, Is your organization seeking grants, check out “Grant Writing for Dummies”. Both these comes in a package.

How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters by Mal Warwick

Writing letter and personalized letter is very important for any fundraiser; a book shows you how to turn your letters into much needed funds for your group.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

How to Build a Community Partnership by P. Burke Keegan - Resources are abundance and is available both on the web, library or book store. Be smart and use this knowledge to build your fundraising organization. With these tools and knowledgebase you can get to know how to tap into the resources in your community.
By reaching out to different resources and building partnerships with churches, local businesses and even other non-profits, one can easily reach the fundraising goals.

Fear-Free Fundraising

How to Ask People for Money This book gives an explanation on how to introduce people to their fundraising cause and gives special insights into fundraising. The book gives a clear explanation on the ways to reach out to people for seeking help from donors.

Global Perspectives on Fundraising

A detailed information on an international scale about what is happening is available in this book. Reading this book you will have clear significance of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropy, and volunteerism across the globe.

Big Time Fundraising for Today's Schools As a fundraisers will want to learn

This is one of the best book, which gives an explanation on total development of fundraising organization and gives an explanation on how to plan the entire fundraising process, budget, resources, documentations, program evaluation, goal development, assessment, donor research, writing grant proposals, and is also aimed at enabling schools to provide world-class learning for each of their students.

Ten Steps to Fundraising Success Choosing the right Strategy for Your Organization An overall step by step guide to success

This gives information from starting with initial steps like assessing your current fundraising efforts right through to the last step of measuring your progress in achieving your goals and objectives.

Great Fundraising Books

Successful Fundraising A Complete Handbook for Volunteers and Professionals

Are you interested to develop and create a unique fundraising organization, irrespective of what you are in the field of fundraising check out advices on this book a helpful tips and advice, tried tested and worked which guides you on accessing to funds, building relationships with your donors, raising more money in a less time, this gives a real-life examples from the authors who have been experienced in extensive fund raising experience,

This also gives the information on fundraising initialization, planning guidelines, sample worksheets and timetables, and online presence, and helps you in using successful fundraising tools.

Beyond the Bake Sale - 100 Innovative Fundraising Ideas for Non Profits

Want to be unique and achieve something different but lacking ideas check out the best book available in the market which gives you hands on the innovative new ideas, how to raise more money, you need new, fresh and fun ideas. I am sure at the end of the reading you will have 100 – some and choose a perfect one for yourself.

Happy reading!