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Raising Money For School Group Trip

Do what you love to do rather than do what you are supposed to do! We live in a very fast paced world and doing anything extra that we have to do can seem really annoying. Let me share a story about how I raised funds for my school group - for sure it's a very rewarding experience.

My high school days were great and I was in a Spanish group and we all used to go on a trip to Mexico and have loads of fun, but the one problem was that we were in northern Minnesota and it's a long way to Mexico. We were students and had no money to invest in our trip hence the idea of raising money to fund the trips.

We all discussed what were the best ideas, we could implement for raising funds and then came to a conclusion that we should sell candy bars. School helped us buying the candy bars from a company on a discount and we would then turn around and sell them at a higher price and there is where the profit was made.

All the team members were given a box of chocolate bars, each had 100 bars in it, and then they told us to price them at 50¢ each. We would just sell the bars in our boxes and they had plenty of other boxes in reserve for us to sell once we sold our first box. They also said there will be an added incentive for selling the chocolate bars.

They had finalized the gifts and the first incentive, of course, was the trip. The second incentive would be that the person that sold the most chocolate bars would get $50. We were young and energetic and wanted to compete with friends to grab the deal.

There were a variety of chocolate bars which was a big plus as selling. Also, they were candies that were not sold in stores, that helps for competition reasons.

All the students in our class were excited and planned how to sell the candies, I even came up with a plan. After school I was going to go door to door, and my town was small and we all knew each other.

So I started going to all of the houses where the people are retired. I did that because I knew that they would be home and that most people wouldn't get home from work for a few hours. Once I finish the retired houses, the went to the rest of the houses in the evening.

I emptied my box and at the end of the competition, I ended up winning. When I look back at it, the $50 was nice, it was so much fun I had on the trip and knowing that I was a big part of enabling the group to go on the trip and have such a great time. That's the best part of the whole thing!

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