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10 Ideas - 2024 Christmas Fundraiser Events

Fundraising is a challenging activity. There are many ideas to make money to run your good cause but while choosing ideas one has to be careful else you may be struck with the idea but not the means of funding the idea.

Check out our ten fundraising ideas to support your fundraising activity and help you to reach your goal.

Ten Successful Ideas

  • Grub Day

    For your school fundraising give a chance not to wear school uniform and wear what they want for one day. But for this the student must make a donation to the cause for which you are trying to raise money. Check this math ... if you sell the right to wear regular clothes for just $5 per student and multiply that by, take an example of 300 students, you get $1,500. Good result isn't it! It's easy to see that this is a great way to bring in some extra money for school trips or projects!
  • Cook-Off

    Especially suited for church or school groups and sports teams, this is an event for teams of group members against each other in a culinary contest. Give each team identical ingredients and two hours to create their meal. Invite students to dine the same day. Diners pay $5-$10 for a wonderful meal and the chance to have a great time voting for their favorite team.

    Allow participants to judge based on time management, taste, presentation and service. As a bonus and to make things cheerful arrange a quiz on cooking and some games to enjoy their fun filled kitchen activity. you can offer “bonus ingredients” such as cheese or additional spices to the team that can correctly answer the most culinary questions. Please keep in mind this is not an event which will raise a huge amount of money, but it is a fun event for everyone involved and people will love and involve with your good cause.
  • Polar push

    A challenging event for organizations with a large number of members such as lodges, companies, clubs. As the winters get icy cold, then a polar plunge is an interesting way to bring in some money for your group. First, gather your members and run a work flow of your event, do make sure you do your own health & safety risk assessment before this (slightly risky) event and be sure to have a doctor on hand on the day.

    Convince a large number of your group to dive into the ocean or lake in the coldest part of winter. Make sure each participant gathers sponsors who will make a donation if they actually go into the water on the day of the plunge.

    You can add in some more ideas of selling hot snacks, coffee and cocoa on the day to increase your profits.
  • 50/50

    This is an easy, simple fundraiser and requires no investment. Select an event like sports, game, school PTA meeting or concert, arrange a group member posted near the entrance to sell tickets. At the end of the event, draw one winner. The winner gets half of the total amount collected in tickets while your group keeps the other half.
  • Bail Game

    A fun filled event for schools, churches and sports team. Identify a person who is respected within the organization such as a coach, youth pastor or principal, to agree to be locked up and release him until a set amount of "bail" money is raised. You can combine this with some other events where you can be accessible to a huge crowd. Ask Jailers to ask passersby for donations to help raise the bail money. People will love and enjoy this one.
  • Hygienic food corner

    Is an idea so simple to use and is well played by almost any type of group. Plan to set up a table at any well-known event or get permission to set up shop outside of a busy store while an event in happening in your community. Remember that the more you bake, the more you can make. Take the count of people and cook hygienic food if needed seek approval of your kitchen to avoid controversy.
  • Murder Mystery Night

    Host a party in which one member of your group is assumed to be murdered early on in the evening, ask your other members to spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out the secret and ask your group members to play the various characters and give clues to guests and at the end of the party offer a cool prize for the best solution.

    Basically this is best suited for school or youth groups and any organization where members love to have fun and enjoy being involved with drama or the arts.
  • Car Wash

    A perfect idea for sports teams and youth groups on a weekend afternoon. Plan this activity where there is plenty of traffic. Have a "free" carwash and request people to donate for your cause or if you think charging a reasonable fee is better than asking them to donate, do that confidently. Put the young people in your group to work, and I am sure you will be surprised at how much money this simple idea can bring in for your group.
  • Cake Walk

    An idea used best at churches or parents groups. Ask each member to bring a cake to the event. Now set up chairs like musical chairs. Arrange number of chairs as per people count, put a number on each chair. Imagine it is 20 chairs, number them 1-20 and allow 20 people to play each round. Sell all tickets to 20 people for a chance to play one round. Ask participants to walk while the music plays, participants wil start walk around the chairs, once it stops, each finds a seat. Then a number is drawn. Whoever is sitting in the chair with the number that matches the number that was drawn goes to the table and selects the cake of her choice.

    Continue to have additional rounds until all of the cakes are gone. You can make it more challenging and fun by having some rounds in which there is more than one winner. The trick here is you are asking your members to get the cakes so the donations are to the organization directly. And people will love this as it is a great way to enjoy and to have loads of fun.
  • Penny Drive

    An excellent and simple idea where in people will not even think twice to drop a penny as people have pennies in drawers, jars and in their vehicles and they just seem to multiply, many people can’t be bothered lugging them to the bank. Usually people donate them when they hear that a charitable group is holding a penny drive. Keep a cans or just set up a big bucket in the hallway of your school or office. Ask people to fill the cans or drop their pennies into the buckets. And remember “A penny saved is a penny earned" and pennies add up to big bucks.

    Recently one community group held a penny drive in which they gathered so many pennies that if they were placed in a row it would stretch for 41 miles. And this enough money was used to completely renovate a community park and get them into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Traditional Christmas Fundraiser Ideas

Using a stall or a vacant shop front or through a website sell charity Christmas cards from your organization. Do you have a great database of captive audience, group or workplace? One fundraiser idea that can work is either taking and selling family photos or getting people to pre-order Christmas wreaths and charity cards.

Writing & Posting Santa Letters

One of the best idea during festive season is to surprise kids by getting a mail from Santa. Which kids won't love having their own mail from Santa in the North Pole? Some children or young people's organizations, including some schools, will have a postbox for Santa Claus and charging a small sum to parents for their child to receive a personalized letter from Santa in return.