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Discount Card Fundraisers

Using discount cards or credit card points are ideal for groups such as schools, churches or other large organizations. And having a discount card fundraiser is an excellent idea.

Credit cards companies have come up with an idea of collecting points or air miles which can often be use jointly or collected and also can be transferred to a good cause. Also some of the programs give a percentage of your credit card spending to your chosen charity. So, as a charity, it'll be well worth your while getting your name on those lists.

During the holiday season people will shopping spree and the best season to introduce new plans on your credit card to seek some donations, for charities where a significant part of your budget is air travel, you can request your supporters to donate their air miles. These can mount up surprisingly and also even a few hundred small donations could help to make a difference in your fundraising.

Discount Cards -Fundraising

Tie up with some of the large supplier and get a pile of discounts to buy products from them. The discounted rate negotiated by the group forms the profits raised. Essentially this kind of project is set up to buy through a large supplier, typically the local grocery store, gas station or supermarket.

Vouchers or discount cards are purchased direct and group members purchase their goods using the vouchers or cards. If all members of the group buy in to this it can be a great fundraiser. And convince your members to buy - and know it is that what will draw their attention to buy. It might be a free home delivery or placing the order online, or the vendor having a store nearby to workplace. Check out what suits you best use this.

To give you some confidence about this idea, here's a true story where this idea worked very well...

A local brass band wanted to fund their overseas tour. These guys were so committed to make some money they all decided with their spouses or partners to buy from a particular grocery shop that offers a points system and the result is that they manage to pay for their trip every year with this simple commitment.

Is discount fundraiser cards for you?

To answer this you need to have a group of people who share a common purpose and who are willing to abide by the rules of the group. Like if the group decides to buy from a shop they should stick to the same and commit to buy from the same vendor. If people have a high buy-in from members then the group will have no problems in raising funds.

Involve everyone in your group. Schedule a meeting and orient them about your idea and see which ideas different people are interested in. Answer if they have any queries and train them on your fundraising idea - so knowledge is the first step to start any project. < br />
Make sure to be creative when it comes to points check what your vendors are offering and also give them ideas of your choosinf. Negotiate with the vendor as this is a mutual benefit for both of you, you should make sure you are making enough money.

Discount Card potential

  • Arrange a group meeting
  • Get your group together for brainstorm
  • Explain them who are potential local merchants that will participate in your discount fundraising event
  • Ask your group to be familiar with the vendors with whom they will be in touch
  • Ask everyone to be involved so people will be excited and lead to more sales
  • Check what people need their products, services
  • Also check what people are already using and strategieze to sell them with your merchants
  • People will love the discounts on cards
  • Merchants will love their sales
To make some decent money you need to have a group of 50 members or more for this to work. Each member can sell 10 discount cards for a total of 500 sales.

Abc Fundraising is an excellent source to get some sponsors for you, to make the process professional.

With today's expensive lifestyle, having a discount card is smart way of leading life and this is an easy to sell formula for people as the necessity of people, and you can check and facilitate people to buy coffee, save on dry cleaning and shop for groceries to holiday planning. You can generate ideas as the retail market is huge and most of the time just to grab the customers even the small companies are very generous and think about the bigger fish in the market they will love to be part of this effort.

Check out some of your local shopkeepers, if they wanted to participate in church discount card fundraiser. Though you might think they are small to improve the sales for sure they will plunge into this idea and you will be surprised with the results.

Make sure to keep your group larger than 30 and get things rolling early. It could take a couple of weeks to get your personalized discount cards, and believe me if you run this professionally you will be amazed at the profits that discount card fundraisers can provide!

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