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Easy And Effective Student Fundraising Ideas!

Student fundraising is one of the best, fun filled and enjoyable activities. Raising money for a good cause with a bunch of students should always be a fun and enjoyable. Check out some of our Recommended Resources -

Over 100 Fund Raising ideas for lots of inspirational ways to achieve your financial targets.

Fund Raising Events for ideas to create memorable occasions that also help you raise money.

Student life is the best and most enjoyable time and the more fun you have, the more money you're likely to raise. And the bigger your group the easier it will be to hit your target quickly.

There are many ideas, for example, you can check with your local store to donate refreshments, and also ask families to bring home baked cakes, if it is a small fundraiser. Plan and build a team, develop a plan and set mini targets to reach the bigger target. And also make sure to plan educational because if your project is educational, social or historical it may qualify for government grants or other funding from Trusts and Foundations, so take time to research what may be available in your area .

Fraternity and Sorority fundraising event ideas.

Check out our few ideas which can help you to raise funds.
  • Pizza

    – the favorites of students if fun loving activity and easy to make money for your noble cause, Team up with your local pizza parlor and arrange to get a percentage of your profits for one night on everything your students order
  • Bake sale

    – Arrange to sell homemade cakes and refreshments
  • Chocolate

    - Selling items such as the One Dollar Barcan give you good profits and it sells like a hot cake as candy are everyone’s favorite.
  • Cook Books

    – Collect your favorite recipes and create your own serious or funny cookbook, get it printed or photocopy, bind and sell. A good tool for people who would love to cook.
  • Bowling Competition

    – Team up with chapters and groups together and arrange for an exciting bowling competition. People would never say NO to the fun filled activity like this.
  • Yard sale

    – Arrange for a yard sale at the end of term or semester, this helps the students to clear their stuff instead of carrying it all the way to their homes. You can seriously make some good money from the things which are not necessary for you.

Ideas for student council fundraisers

Take initiatives to start your own fundraising activity or help the good cause.It is very simple and there are many online help sites available and also some dedicated forums where you can get the information on fundraising.

This is an opportunity for you to add experience to your resume so work hard towards making the project successful - it helps when it's time to apply for jobs - showing that you're someone with skills and are a future leader who can be comfortable with community activities.

RAG week - Raising Money for Charity in the UK

For one week during the academic year, students get involved in fundraising events, and this is one of the best ways to enjoy, get along and involve with student fundraising activity. Rag week is dedicated to fundraising activities, where students get involved in fundraising events and go crazy on experimenting all sorts of ideas.

Usually the student union will have a team and coordinate events. The event will be planned and organized by the group and there are many ideas which have been run by UK universities and been successful, some of them are “Bed Runs” with hospital beds, “Bar Crawls” and “Pub Quizzes”, “Fancy Dresses”, “Pram Races” and some of the exciting events like "Jailbreaks" and Sponsored extreme events like parachute jumps, river rafting and abseiling.

Interested to know more about these ideas, check out uk.Rag.net