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Running a Fundraising Auction

There are many ways to raise funds and one of the most profitable and easiest ways is to plan an auction which will help in raising funds and also a great fun filled activity to enjoy.

Here are some notes which will help you to succeed in your event and also help to plan an auction to raise funds for your charity.

Charity auctions can be run together with other fund raising events and can be a way for people to have the fun of attending a "real" auction, bidding and having fun and also manage to raise funds for a good cause.

But be very cautious to arrange the event a long time in advance as the problem with holding a charity auction is that it takes quite a time to gather all of the different items that you will be auctioning off to raise money.

To increase the amount of money earned at a charity auction, you can also arrange a dinner along with auction. And also consider auctioning off people; this is a very popular form of charity auction, simply auction off a meal with specific people (if they are well-known, that's even better).

With your networking skills try to find local business people who are willing to donate products or services and auction their items. This is one of the best opportunities for these businesses in your area to gain free publicity at no cost to them.

Like this there are many services which you could auction off for charity. First list them like - Golf lessons, piano lessons, local beautician, the gardener, computer service centers, mechanics, tailors, fruit shop keepers, grocery stores, etc etc ask them to offer the community a free service or a product and spend some time in the event to meet their prospective clients.

Keeping Records Make sure to keep accurate records that show every single detail about the items and the amount donated. Please note that getting a professional valuation on valuable-looking items may be advisable; also check for any conditions from the person donating the product or service, the services you are rendering is risky but you can make serious money out from this for your good cause.

Auctioning or Selling Unique Items

Always try to offer unique items that would be very difficult or impossible to find in a shop. This will help to get people's interest in bidding for the items, which should bump the prices up and you can generate the money you had targeted easily.

You can come up with unique ideas and also check with your contacts if someone has a manufacturing unit then you can also ask them to build a product for you. Also try and plan for some unusual experiences like a trip up the spire of the nearby Cathedral, a behind the scenes tour of a museum or local attraction, a "meet the cast" opportunity at your local theatre, or a meet the team event with your local sports club .

People are always happy to buy the unusual, rather than the same old items they usually see every day. Some of the unique ideas are an art auction? interested, check out our tips :

How Can You Run An Art Auction?

There are many ways of running an art auction, you can run independently or for a reputable organization like Schools, Hospitals, Churches & other Religious Organizations, Rotary Clubs, Museums.

Whatever route you choose, you can expect to receive a substantial percentage of the revenue generated by an auction but try involving professionals.

Charity auctions are a fantastic way to raise money for your local nonprofit organization; they are successful because they are great fun but this works out only if you have a good relationships with many potentially wealthy clients or live in a relatively wealthy neighborhood.

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