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Pizza Fundraiser

Are you in need of funds for your school, sports club or youth groups. Raising money with pizza fundraiser is popular for young and energetic team of yours especially with students and young people in youth groups!
Plan to sell tickets, coupons, pizza cards to buy pizza or even sell pizza slices or pizza kits Who doesn’t like pizza? This is a fun filled activity for those who sell and also for the buyers.

Pizza Selling Ideas

Pizza Cards

Get affiliated with local supplier and ask them to get involved in your activity and negotiate a good deal for your group. Check for "buy one, get one free", "Value pack", "party treat" and other special deals.

Ask your customers to use the card for more than one so they get the best offer each time they swipe their card and also having custom pizza coupons for your local store and group can be powerful because by using this strategy you can easily achieve more than 50% profit.

Pizza Fundraiser - Selling Slices of Pizza

The best idea to suit a group of students... if you can get your volunteers to knock on dorm rooms selling slices to hungry students. This will be of help to students and also earn money for your good cause. Also this strategy can work well for schools and teams where there's a meeting of large groups of people like sports day, annual day, cheerleading events, football matches, school fairs etc.

Selling Pizza Kits

Team up with companies that people in your area are fond of. Pizza is as easy to sell as the brand name and it's also a favorite with everybody.

There are companies who offer ready made pizzas and also you can pre-sell pizza kits which will typically include the base or crust, the sauce and the cheese.

You can do this selling online and by selling kits online, you can reach out to people not only in your city but also across the state. But remember to budget properly as the suppliers vary and you might have to travel to close these deals.

Recommended Resources

Raise some dough!

Avail Pizza Cards and enjoy Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizzas and much more.

Little Caesars fundraising

Do you want to bake your own pizza “Little Caesars Pizza Kit” helps you to know all the ingredients to make delicious pizza and snacks at home in less than 10 minutes! Because of the brand popularity you can easily sell the products and make money for your funding!

Fundraiser Help

A comprehensive list of suppliers and further ideas.

Plus Pizza Card fundraising

Plus Pizza Card fundraising is especially customized for schools, bands, sports teams, leagues, church groups and any other non-profit group.