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Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

Tips on raising funds for your short or long term project

Having a goal and working towards reaching your goal sometimes seems almost impossible when it come to fundraising for your mission trip but if you think you can do it - you can! Just plan and act professionally to reach your goal.

Fundraising for mission trips is actually part of the trip itself. The challenge and reward of raising funds may test your faith, but for sure it will encourage you and prepare you for the journey ahead.

You need to believe in yourself and, when you are working towards a noble cause such as this, you need to rely on God to come through financially for you. If you believe that He is calling you to the mission field, you can trust Him to come through for you.

Have faith in God and check out some of our ideas for your trip, I am sure once you finish this reading this page you will feel more confident.

Tips to boost your confidence for fundraising:

  • Get to know what is the amount you need to raise, you can take help from mission organization or charity usually for sure it will be a fixed amount.
  • If it is longer trips, work out an estimate of your monthly expenditure, with the costs of travel out to the country or location.
  • Inform the donors about your mission and appreciate when people start to ask how much to give, and the cause behind it, they'll also be pleased to find that you know what you're talking about!
  • Believe in God and pray! - Before you do anything else, pray to God to take care of you. As for the rest, leave it to him and put in your hard work, He knows what to give when necessary.
  • Make a plan to know your project flow.
  • Provide opportunities for family, friends, relatives and church may not offer but will be interested to help.
  • Network with people who are interested in what you are doing and spend time with people talking about what difference you and your project will be making.
  • Once you spread the awareness no need to ask for money, if they are interested they will ask how much that is the time you need to answer depending on your plan.
  • Let people make their minds instead you assuming and judging them.
  • Have a simple brochure with your picture and a brief information and contact details.
  • To Publicise use local press to involve they would love such an involvement as it is a publicity for them too and even your people will know how serious you are working for this noble cause.
  • Start helping out where you are right now and get connected with people.
  • Start travelling to spread your word about mission.
  • Stay in touch with people when you are away from the place.
  • Have a blog about your mission and keep itn updated about your trip.
  • This keeps people informed about you with their pray and enable them to support you and feel a part of what you're doing.
  • Have a webpage , email, newsletter and spread this information at your church.
  • Be active on social network like Facebook, twitter a great way to keep in touch .
  • Creating your own group on Facebook and occasionally posting your news and status could take a small amount of time for you, but have maximum benefit and impact for your supporters.

Last but not least be passionate about what you are doing and be proud to tell your story when you get an opportunity, believe in yourself and you can work wonders!