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Small School Fundraising Ideas

A story about how local school raised money for computers:

I live in a small town and all of us gather and club together when it is a necessary and we love doing this and feel the real sense of community.

Our local school was in need of computers and we decided to pool in some extra money to purchase new computers, as you know computers doesnít come for less so we had loads of work to raise some decent money.

We spent a lot of time spending and discussing on the need of the school and listed out the different types of events that we could do, we came across with possible activities and obvious things like bake sales, rummage sales, car washes, gardening and dog washes!

We a set of people teamed up together and discuss, decide exactly what to do to raise money for the noble cause. Raising money can be very difficult, and being a team is better than individual approaching people and team can really help you out when you need it the most

As a team we all liked the ideas of the bake sales and rummage sales because they are tried and tested ways to raise money, we also came across with a unique idea of dog washes and one more suggested a rubber duck race.

We decided to go for Dog washes with this thought of selling treats and toys at the same event, thinking this will be a fantastic combination.

Rubber duck racing looked more challenging but then we decided to take the path not taken, we thought of putting loads of rubber ducks with numbers on them into a stream; the first duck and the person sponsored will be the winner and gets an interesting prize.

Now our ideas of spending money for prizes is to get sponsored by local companies because we know how difficult it is to raise money for npn profit and spending money from that is not wise so went to contact the local businesses to donate.

Local companies and some of the big companies were eager to donate products to our cause because we told them we will publicize their name and we started displaying the company name from whom we got the donations. We decide to sell the companies products and services and some golf lessons, dinner coupon at a local restaurant were our prizes, thatís believe me it works out very well!

We did all the preparations and all set to go for ďThe Big dayĒ, with all the hard work and preparation the event was successful!We managed to make $2000 in just a day, More than the money being a parent and involved in your childrenís education is even more fun.

This is our success story why donít you think of something which you can afford to do for your childís education and share a story with us.

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