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Running a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Running a Cookie Dough Fundraiser is a fun filled activity and a delicious way to raise money!

Who will not love freshly baked cookies, but few of us have enough time to make them at home ourselves. So take advantage of that fact by cooking for your charity.

Analyze your market and their needs first, Whatever your market, there's a cookie to match; ranging from gourmet white chocolate macadamia to the ever popular chocolate chunk recipes.

Once you have been succesful in this event once, you can run it year after year as this is one of the best and successful fundraising ideas, as they sell so well and your clients will keep asking you for them and you can earn money in the process.

Depending on the quality of the cookie your profit margins range from 60%-75%

Time to act on why don’t you start baking cookie at home?

Check out our great recipe website and try to get some confidence right now.