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Group Fundraising - Tips and Ideas!

There are many easy ideas to help you to succeed in your favorite group fundraising.

Community groups can run on weekly contributions from their members. However, while running the groups there might be many expenses like managing additional equipment, transport or repairs that require additional funds, so money will need to be raised from time to time to support the group.

Listed are some of our favorite group fundraising ideas;

- Whatever the requirements of your team, here some practical and well used workable tips to try out-
  1. Treasure Hunt - adults and kids love the fun of looking for and finding things! A great family activity, and can be a good fundraiser with each group paying an entrance fee to take part. Involve friend and families to invite their friends and neighbors too - the more the better!
  2. Get all your friends and family involved in your cause and plan well especially at peak times such as Christmas, when they are spending money on gifts.
  3. Get involved with one of the catalog companies and sell candles, Christmas wreaths or candy to help your group make some money.
  4. Having a "party" or "celebration" can be a good forum for getting these going - set yourself a target and reward individuals who go that bit farther to raise more money.
  5. Simple sponsored events- Plan your event, oraganize well in advance involve volunteers and for sure it will work well.
  6. Multiply the number of members by $10, to get an idea of the minimum amount you might be able to raise.
  7. Organise some sponsored games - basketball, football, baseball - for a specific length of time, or number of games - with sponsorship payable for anyone staying the course.
  8. Raffle - a fifty/fifty raffle is where tickets are sold and half the proceeds go to you. Take initiative to sell the tickets and the winner of the raffle splits the total amount with your group. The lucky winner receives 50% of the amount of ticket sales and your group gets to keep the other 50%. The best suited for all ages, make sure to check out that it is legal and a few $1 tickets can add up to several hundred dollars if you've got a good team of individuals selling them.

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