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Raising Funds for My Church

Churches need money in order to survive; our church is no different, we are in a very old building which costs a lot of money to maintain.

Because the building is very old, to renovate and maintain it is a nightmare and recently we had a hole in the roof which added significantly to the maintenance problems and was disastrous for the whole congregation.

The good news was that, because of this hole, the entire congregation started working together to come up with ways to raise money to repair the church roof. There are a quite a lot of people in our community so the good thing about fundraising for our church was the crowd that came forward to help the cause.

There are a lot of different types of people attending churches - some people with their own business and some working for oraganizations. We started thinking on the lines of people and their working skills to use for our fundraising activities and it became easier for us to come up with unique ideas.

We had different occupations in our circle and one lady owned a dog grooming business so she came up with the idea that she would offer to groom dogs for the church group so we turned this bright idea into an event just for pets. We also accompanied the event with an entertaining pet show and dog training demonstration.

The event was very successful and we managed to raise a lot of money. However we still needed much more. With the event we held a bake sale, and a rummage sale.

We decided to have both the events and also sold products like cakes, hand products, plants and organized some unique events like face painting, games. The event was a super success and whole community had loads of fun and also helped us to raise money.

The first time we did it, it was tough to raise the money and organizing all these activities but it has become a well-practiced art for us now and we have a team of people who work on this round the year.

Fundraising for your church can actually be great fun, and very enjoyable. But be careful while you work in a group there might be differences and problems may occur, so consider all these and plan yourself so that all of your bases are covered.

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