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Trust Fundraising Applications

How to raise money through Grants

To make a considerable proportion of the income required for your new project, try talking to to Trusts or Foundations for their grant applications. To succeed in reaching out to trusts and grab the opportunity of getting their grants you need to first write a perfect application.

Here are some suggestions for your reference...
  • Your application should be unique and different for each trust submission.
  • List which are the trusts you can apply to.
  • Find out about their organization and who they will fund and their rules and regulations.
  • Look at what sorts of projects they will consider funding.
  • Keep your application to a minimum - don't submit a five page covering letter with additional information.
  • At most, keep your covering letter to two pages and include at most one photograph.
  • Answer their questions specifically not generally.
  • Follow their guidelines and remember they are funding you and you will have no choice but take notice of their funding guidelines.
  • Research each trust thoroughly in order to get funds from them. Time invested in doing this will pay handsome dividends.
  • Look, too, at local bodies. This improves the odds in your favor as they not only have fewer applications, but need to make grants to local groups.
  • Before submitting the application make a check list according to their criteria and double check to avoid application rejection.
  • Follow their instructions if they suggest you to have an appointment and meet them before submitting. It will help you to revise your application which in turn increases your chances of success.
  • Apply in good time. Trusts take a couple of months to finalise and grant the donations so time yourself to suit your project.
  • Get to know who the right person to contact at the trust is and also who should introduce you (because some local trusts require local references). Networking helps here, so plan who you should target.
  • For a local trust, avoid sending your application by post. Preferably drop by in person or send your application by courier.
Last but not least and the most important, do keep a copy of everything you send for future communications and references.

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