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Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas

Girls scout are the best workforce - working with a group of girls to raise money can be rewarding, committed and creative.

Focusing on a small amount each time. Irrespective of what is your fundraising activity, you can reach to your target easily, especially for your summer camp, uniforms or just ongoing running costs.

Usually girls love getting innovative, creative or baking. Check out some of our girl scout fundraising ideas which we have implemented - for sure your group will enjoy them.

Sponsored Events

- Sponsor some of the effective ways of involving your whole group with events like a walk, run, sleepover, silence or cleaning the city, awareness campaigns etc.

Cake Bake

- Arrange for a get together at one of the cool kitchens and have an evening of cooking, and sell these at school or to your parents and friends with prior permission.

Craft Sale

- Have a group activity arranged for all those who love to have fun with crafts and make some cool Christmas gifts then sell them at a stall at a local fair.

Seasonal Sales

- depending on the season, plan to sell some related products from catalogs which will for sure make some money.


- An innovative easy idea ask your group to get one of their or their families favorite recipes, and ask them to design the cover, select the best cover and then photocopy and bind the same and, selling each copy for a reasonable, but small charge makes your group to feel proud and also raises good money.

Car Wash

- Arrange for a sponsored car wash on one of the Saturdays and charge parents and friends to wash and clean their vehicles. You can feel proud that you are helping parents and as well as making great money.

Garage Sale

- Take the opportunity to clear the mess at home and arrange a community sale and ask your neighbors to donate unwanted items and sell it all off at the best prices you can get. I am sure you will help in clearing the junk and help your fundraising too.

Girl Scout Cookies

In American culture, for many years, this has been the classic annual fund raiser used by many girl scouts and their families.

Girls are good at multitasking and challenging with this while raising the money for your fund you are also educating girls to upgrade their inbuilt entrepreneurial skills, supported by customers within their local community.

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the tested and approved fundraising activities and makes a lot difference for Girl Scouts. This helps the scout to raise the fund and also experience the operational challenges to make them grow better in today’s competitive world.

Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas, Resources

Cookie dough fundraising

- A great idea to reach your fundraising target

Fundraising Gift Shop

- Gives an entire idea of how to set up your own stall for Christmas gifts or for any other holiday

Donate a Car

- for larger projects, this could help achieve the thousands you need

Fundraising Stories

- This is to inspire you to join the club of fundraising, a genuine tales from successful fundraisers to inspire you to success