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High School Fundraising Ideas

When you are in high school and raising funds for your school it is both challenging and satisfying. There are a lot of different reasons for having a school fundraiser and a lot of different ways to run them. Most of the groups, like cheerleaders, foreign language groups, sports teams and other groups need funding and they need people who love to work for fundraisers.

Having A Successful High School Fundraiser – Charlie’s Story

I am sharing my experience and guiding you to have a fun-filled experience while raising funds.

Are you interested to raise some money for your high school basically there are two categories one is the quick fundraiser that you can do over and over again or the ongoing fundraiser that isn't completed until the objective is met. Usually the ongoing fundraiser last for a long period of time, these fundraisers usually require larger amounts of money.

Quick fundraisers are quick and easy and don't require very much planning and can be done over and over with different strategies, but the most successful one is simple raffle where people buy tickets and you put them in a box and draw a winning ticket, at the end of the night and you split the proceeds with the winner.

Try organizing this during a school sporting event. You can go around the crowd, asking for buyers, make sure to seek permission from the school.

If you are willing to do such an event there are many events like bake sale, fashion show, fancy dress, dancing shows etc.

During football season in northern Minnesota it would get pretty cold. Well, fundraisers would take advantage of this by setting up a concession stand and selling hot chocolate during the games. That hot chocolate would sell like hot cakes and they could do this for every home football game, each year. They have a nice money maker on their hands that they can go back to each year.

Some time I even sold chocolate bars that were provided by the school. We sold them for $0.50 each and ended up reaching our goal in under a month. This was about ten years ago, so I would definitely price it higher today, but you can see that it is possible to raise a lot of money while selling a low priced item.

To be a successful school fundraiser, one has to have a clear vision and perfect plan of what to accomplish, then provide a product or a service and it may be a one day event or it may be an ongoing process, covering several days. Make sure to track your progress and adjust according to your needs.

Boost the groups by giving clear incentives for putting in more time and effort and execute the plan and have fun!

School Fundraisers Ideas.

Here are some ideas which have worked out well and been successful check this out :

School Photos –

Photo speaks…a great idea of group photo makes a lot difference to the kids, ask a professional photographer to take photographs of students and sell these to parents and family - preferably just in time for the end of the school year as a memento or before Christmas. As profit on these is high and all you need to do is co-ordinate one day of photographs, this can make several thousand for a large school

Lockers –

Why not have a locker for all your students, charge a sum for students to use lockers by issuing them and encourage them to purchase their own small padlock and key for security. Several students come up to take these lockers and everyone paying a small sum each term can add up to several thousand dollars or pounds over a school year.

Sponsored walk or event -

Plan a safe route around the local area and block out one day in the school calendar as sponsored walk day - ensure that all the staff plans to come too. This is one of the best community event as well as an easy fundraiser.

Plan the event early and give all students sponsor forms in plenty of time before the event. Make sure to arrange for medical staff to be on hand, and plan emergency services with the important phone numbers to be called off when needed urgent help.

Discuss your plan of event with the members and have regular checkpoints around the walk, enabling students who are in physical difficulty to wait to be picked up and returned safely back to school.

You can always grab a gift for people who raise the highest point, Have incentives for people who raise the highest amounts - or classes in each year group that do the best so they will be eager to work when called next year.

Make sure to document this and take photos and video - so that you can have a celebration day when you see the pictures and find out the total amount raised.

A fun filled easy to organize, a true money spinner event!

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