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A Sample Fundraising Letter

A covering letter is the most important aspect of any communication whatever may be the number of pages in application, the covering letter is the first impressions to the clients.

Your covering letter should summarize the basic information, as this is the first impression of you that any donor will see and it needs to be concise yet interest the clients to get on board with project.
A sample fundraising letter to help you with communication:

DATE: Current date

Name : Your Name

Address line 1 : your address

Address line 2 : your address

Address line 3 : your address

Dear Mr Xxxx name of the client (Always address the right name instead of sir/madam.)


In the first paragraph give an explanation about the project and summarise the project in a few lines.

I am writing to ask for your support in replacing our church organ, which is an historic instrument because ...

Introduce yourselves with the details like - who you are, what you do, how long you've been established.

Our church was established in 1760 when John Wesley visited our town. The church building itself was completed in 1801.

Explain the purpose and the need of the project

The church provides a vital building for various community groups, including visiting church choirs

Write down your purpose

Explain how and what action plan you have and what difference will you make?

A working organ will enable us to continue to engage in a traditional style of worship, which our members enjoy, as well as allowing us to ...

Explain the necessity of the project like how much money you need and how much are you asking for from your donor and how are you planning to source other funding?

Mention the exact sum that you are asking them for, the total amount needed for the project and how much has already been raised towards it.

End with a thanking note and explain how committed you will be to the funder.

Many thanks,

Yours faithfully