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Running & Planning a Golf Fundraising Event

Are you thinking of using Golf Events for Fundraising, check out some of our knowledge to help you to focus on the event.

Golf is one of the best sports and having a golf event for a fundraiser is a very common and successful way to have a fundraiser We have all witnessed celebrities having these types of fundraisers and it works the best. Interested to know why it works so well and why you should utilize this way of having a fundraiser.

Reasons to success

Golf is such a sport where even 10 year old and 80 year old enjoy the game, everyone loves playing Golf and can golf.

This is a family game and the whole family can do it and people love this because it is a way to bond as a family with loads of fun without the true competition.
While playing you are contributing to the noble cause and people love to be in a situation like a total win-win situation. It's as good as having your cake and eating it too.

You can organize this as an annual event. Many times fundraisers are an ongoing process. We can always help and get associated with people who are supporting the causes like helping problems like homelessness, disease etc.

By arranging annual events you can get the serious players and also casual golfers or even beginners who want to contribute.

Because of the annual event you will become popular too, you can draw new people into it, year after year.

Steps to set up Golf Event -

  • When you want to set up a golf event for fundraising purposes is come up with a plan.
  • You need to think about how big you want the event to be.
  • Use your weekends to raise money.
  • You need to think of a name for it.
  • List out the ways that you're going to promote it.
  • Advertise about your event it certainly helps a long way.
  • You can check your budget for advertising and finalize where to advertise there are so many means today.
  • Find the location - golf course to host the event.
  • You can contact the local golf courses and find out what works best for you and the host golf course.
  • It may take some time to get a set weekend for the event.
  • Follow up with the golf course team to book a date.
  • Once you get a date, it is time to start forming a plan on how it will be done.
  • Be creative in your approach and think of many ways to entertain people.
  • If it is a good cause and that will be appealing to people.
  • You can also think of extra ideas like food stand where you can sell food to people and raise extra money that way.
  • You can set up a stand where you sell tee shirts and shorts etc.
  • There are a lot of different things that you can do. But make sure to talk to your golf course and take clearance.
  • Once all the things are set to play and manage, start advertising the event.
  • You can invest some money on online advertising.
  • Check out to get some print out ads and distribute them.
  • Be aggressive and creative and get the word out there, any way that you can.
  • Request your family and friends to spread the word in their network too.

  • Last but not least be energetic and optimistic, by following simple and effective steps for sure you can have a successful fundraising activity.