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Fundraising for Church Buildings, evangelism & social projects

This is one of the best ideas because you already have a readymade community with hundreds of contacts in your church.

Church fundraising ideas and tips

Communicating the vision is important in getting people involved in your project whatever the project may be, most of your church members will understand the purpose and mission and will be ready to support the cause.

Make sure to communicate every time and once your fundraising starts, so that people will have information on how it's going. Also update them with regular feedback so that members get motivated. This helps to keep the momentum needed for a successful project.

Plan your fundraising - this is very important because when people are busy spending for the festive season, they will have no motivation to help. So in the seasons when there are no church festivities you can plan to start and it helps you to go a long way.

To let your members know about the project send in a personalized letter to all and let them know the total donations received on the Gift Day and exactly how it will be used.

It is always better to have a special gift to kick off any project, you will be surprised by how generous the giving can be, once you actually ask for money.

Ideas - Fundraiser Events For Churches or Christian Ministry

Check out some of these event ideas to help raise money towards a project or to help cover running costs.

Youth Groups & Young People

Check out our Christian youth fundraiser ideas for some funky, fun and creative money making ideas, if your young people or youth group are planning events to raise money.

Garage sale

Take a look at your members and see if they can bring in their unused or unwanted items to raise funds. Check out who is willing to volunteer for the role of fundraiser for your group. The best idea is to ask for suggestions and to find the perfect person who can take on the responsibility.

Family Photos

Photos are an memento to cherish the good times and a fun filled family-oriented fundraiser which is best suited for churches and their associated youth groups, cr�ches and children groups.

Check out with your community and invite families in your local community for a family portrait, and make sure the commission goes towards your church funds.

Assign a professional photographer to take family photographs. This works out well especially during Christmas - offering a simple, yet unique gift to give or post to family and friends.

Another "new on the market" idea which relates to photographs is the Fridgi, which is a fridge magnet frame which you can apply to any image. See our Resources section below for further info.

Sale of Goods

Church is the best place to sell products ranging from candy to Christmas cards and calendars. Be smart to choose the festive season like Christmas or Easter. And make sure to regulate your selling, instead of selling on a Sunday take an initiative to sell at meetings of mid-week groups in homes, mothers meeting, fathers get-together, at the creche or youth group and at outreach ministries.

How to Donate to Churches

Churches are investing in software and technology to keep track of your donations, so you may well be able to ask for a letter listing your donations for a particular tax year. And you can take an initiative to make a one-off donation or sign up to give a regular gift.

Whatever it is that you wish to give your money to, if it's not clear about the mode of donating, then try reaching them via phone, email or simply ask at the desk I am very sure people will be happy to help you and make sure to check about tax relief rules and regulations to claim for.

Nowadays most of the ministries have even added PayPal buttons to their websites to make it easy to pay by credit card.

Church event organization

When you organize an event you will get full support from the church. Utilize it thoroughly before starting the event. Plan your event, assemble all the people that church provides you and your team, then be professional in making this event happen. Have a full discussion about what you want to achieve and ask for ideas of how to get there. And run down a project flow explaining all the information about budgets, resources needed and volunteer or staff time

Allocate people for the respective responsibilities and deputizing someone to co-ordinate to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plan in advance to make the event successful and with regard to publicity get the posters printed and circulated. And also make use of free publicity by issuing press releases to your local newspaper and using your existing contacts.

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Recommended Resources

"Ask and You Shall Receive"

This is a "do it yourself" manual to help beginners in the field of fundraising, this is designed to plan and prepare for fundraising this gives an idea of common fundraising scenarios and helps you to plan and prepare.

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