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Easy Fundraising Ideas - To Make You Successful!

One of the easiest ways of raising funds is by approaching other organizations in order to to sell many products.

Favorite products includer candles and cookie dough that can be sold easily. Institutions like schools, scout troops and sports teams indulge in this type of business to raise the funds.


In recent years scented candles are in great demand as they make great home decorations and is an excellent gift to be given for someone you love. By selling them on the doorstep you'll find you can raise the funds quite easily.

Cookie dough

Cookies are favorite evening snacks and everyone loves eating themes. Instaed of having a box full of cookies, home made fresh and hot cookies are much nicer to eat so selling cookie dough of different flavors packaged in plastic tubs helps people to prepare tasty and crisp cookies at their leisure.

Making the Most from your Fundraisers

There are two ways to sell these products to raise funds. One is by taking prior orders from customers and providing them the products later. This reduces the risk if payment is made during the order placement. A disadvantage of this method is that impulse buyers will reduce.

If the items you plan to sell are bought in bulk the risk is that they may not be sold entirely and you ay make a loss since the payment is done initially.

To maintain the balance between these two methods it is effective to take pre-purchased orders, then a few extra orders can be sold to those customers who buy the items on the spot.

It is difficult to reach the target if the amount is big, for an example if your target amount is $50,000, it should be divided into amounts of about $5,000 and distributed among the fundraiser as the load and pressure of selling items will come down.

5 Fundraising Event Ideas - An easy way to reach Your Fundraising Target


Is a number game originated from south Italy where in the tickets are sold to the supporters in bulk. Announce an attractive prize for the winner at the end of the event. The gift can be part of the money that is collected or product purchased for this occasion. The entire money collected will be your profit.

Sports event held at schools are one of best places because many people come to watch the event and the school authorities give approval to conduct such games.

Golf Events

Many people love to play golf, which can be a stress buster for many. Individuals would love to lend their support for a good cause of fundraising. By setting up a tee shirt or food stall at the golf event you will attract a crowd that will enable you to raise more funds. Be sure to check with the golf event organizers first.

Selling food

This is a crowd pleasing way to raise the necessary funds. Most of us love to eat delicious, hygienic, and nutritious food, which is the easiest choice to get contributions for the good cause.

Churches usually do this kind of event to maintain the church expenses. For example meatball suppers charging the people who consume the food or bake sales where in members bake cookies, pie, cakes, bars etc and sell them.

Annual fundraiser

Many more ways exist to raise funds other than selling food. You can design your own way of fundraising, as all of them are not identical. Selling topic-based products like home made crafts or calendars at the beginning/end of the year is done by some groups to increase their funds.

Offering Services

Is an alternative method - like moving lawns or plowing out driveways. You can think in terms of washing cars or, indeed, providing any service required by the customer.

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