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Fundraising & Grant Application Letters

How To Write Fundraising & Grant Application Letters That Gets You Money.

Writing a letter for your group’s fund raising efforts may seem daunting, because you will be so excited to write about your passion and to write a page will be the toughest task.

A fundraising letter should always inspire the donor and gives the full information on your cause, action plan and vision statement. The result of reading this letter should be a willingness to support the cause.

Share the stories about the positive impact your group is having on the community. Remember how passionate you are about your cause - your reader hardly knows anything so you have a chance to share that knowledge and passion.

Points to note -

  • The majority of your letter should be committed to letting the reader know what the group does and who it aims to help.
  • Providing specific examples of people that the group has impacted can increase the reader's impulse to help.
  • Let the reader know exactly what you want, and you're more likely to get it.
  • Make sure to ask someone to proof read your letter for simple grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The letter represents your organization, so showcase your group to be the best.