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Candle Fundraisers

A Candle fundraiser is a great idea! Selling candles is one of the easy ways to raise cash, as this is a very acceptable gift for loved ones and most people love the smell of candles which makes them easy to sell.

Candles are also one of the best gifts for people close to you, especially at Valentine's Day. You might like to consider running a simple event a few weeks before Valentine's day - as people prepare for the romantic, candlelit meal for two!

And also check if you can run this during other festive seasons as a one-off fundraiser event. Candle-selling is an ideal fund raising event to run just before Christmas, when people are already looking for thoughtful gifts for their friends and family.

This is one of the best way of making money and you can choose to pre-sell items through catalogues or sell direct. Plan how you can sell the candles and choose the options like handing out catalogues to local homes, holding parties in homes, having a stall at the Christmas fare.

Make sure to set target dates for people to return catalogues. This can be helpful in collating orders and planning the candle-making or purchasing. Listed are some of the companies who are experienced in helping you with setting up and running this kind of fund raiser :-

Candles of Eden–These fundraising candles can enable you to raise large sums with just a few participants.

Love that smell candles. For an easy to run fundraiser, information on how to start, ideas of how much money you could raise, and personal testimonies on earning money with candles, visit their site.

They offer lovely scented candles with a long burn which will have people coming back for more, giving you the possibility of making further sales during the year . Check out for some companies in your local area and get in touch and see what sort of profit share they can offer you, as well as the range, prices and designs of candle that they sell.

Who Would Candle Fundraising Help?

Candle fundraising works for groups such as schools, churches, non profit groups, walk and relay teams, cheerleaders, sports teams, medical funds, adoption programs, military support groups, college groups, missionaries, pastors, teachers, dance teams, class trip groups, fire-fighters, volunteers, day care centers, pre-schools and child care centers, youth groups, children's church, ladies ministries, fellowships, school clubs, gospel bands, athletic leagues, animal shelters and other non profit groups - just to name a few!

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Set up a team who are willing to help you, and set achievable targets like 10-20 candles is a cool baseline and ask individuals to report back within two to three weeks.

Check out on the profit numbers and guide your team to achieve a decent target of $2,500 per 10 in a group, usually $1000 or $2000 will be sufficient for most projects.

Check out the project for a trial and see if you feel that this is something that your organization could run on an annual basis. Check out for the companies that offer regular support and training.

Check out Candle Box's article on running your own home candle business for inspiration.