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School Fundraising Ideas - Raising the Money you Need

There are many well known and successful school fundraising ideas that are ideal for school fundraising. Schools always seem to be raising money and money for the school is very important. Sometimes it might be just to help top up funds in the annual budget, or for a bigger project like a new building, a school rugby tour or to refurbish classrooms.

There are many possibilities for raising funds for the school. Some of the easiest school fundraising ideas to raise money are with a single event like dinner dance, disco or sponsored event, however, for ongoing, regular fundraising and using the school community is a successful environment. Start fundraising through catalogs, annual events such as fairs and so on.

The sums of money raised by regular giving can help to pay for items which may be considered additional to the curriculum, such as school outings and trips, music lessons and dance and drama productions.

Easy School Fundraising Ideas that Work

In any school fundraising activity the first step of the project is to build a good and enthusiastic team of people together and once the team is built you can form a group and work towards the cause and get the group working and acting on the specified goal.

It is time to meet and brainstorm, always consider writing down these things before starting the discussion.

Ways to fundraise for Schools:

  • Get your vision right.
  • List out what are your aims.
  • Discuss with your group and decide for what you need to raise money for.
  • Have an aim to collect the target amount.
  • Prepare your unique selling points.
  • List out what makes you different from others.
  • List what you do well and expertise on.
  • Arrange for a skills audit for your team.
  • Check what your team members can offer for your cause.
  • List out the contact details and consider the contacts that already have in your network.

Plan of Action

Always work together as a team and develop a plan of action that you can all support, Have a blueprint of your project and be clear about what you aim to achieve and list out people's responsibility for each step and the proposed time scales and circulate among yourself.

Announce the date of your next meeting at each meeting this enables you to review and report on progress and support, by working professionally and using simple yet discipline schedules we will be ahead of 95% of other schools who take this casually and wish to raise good money.

School Fundraising Event Ideas

Here are few ideas of ways that educational establishments can raise funds for their cause, listed are some of them for the beginners to seek help :
  • Sponsored Events

    - Arrange for a great annual event for older students, this will be enjoyable end-of-term event for parents and students, adding the incentive of prizes for those raising the largest sums of money can work, depending on how well your students are motivated already. One motivator can be to promise your students that a percentage of the money raised goes to a project that they are interested in and give them option to choose and this is an opportunity to see a different side of each other, and also raise several thousand pounds for the school each year.
  • 100 club

    – Ask group members to pay in a regular donation $5 each month and the "winners" names are drawn from a hat Something like lottery but a chance for all of the members to win and the money raised goes to a local, noble cause.
  • Candy

    - Candie or Cookie Fundraisers – Ask your kids to sell and who will say NO to kids especially in the run up to Christmas, when people are actively looking for gifts.
  • Disco

    – An event which is favorite for students, Why don’t you have a dinner and dance or jazz event together depending on the preferences of your kids and parents . By having a fixed costs, this can be quite a good fundraiser, especially if you can get volunteers to man the drinks and refreshments stands for the evening.
  • Mufti or Non Uniform Days

    – Usually kids need a change in routine and love the opportunity to come in their own clothes and be free of their uniform for a day. Take opportunity of this and Charge from �1 or $2 each, students and staff can raise a large sum in a secondary or high school.

After the Event

Always have a meeting after any fund raising campaign, to discuss on the issues and success of your activity and also discuss with what didn't work or could have been improved upon.

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