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Ideas for Running a Fundraising Gift Shop

Are you struggling to raise money for your local charity, school or other non-profit organization? Without knowing how and what you are doing it can be a challenging and stressful.

The challenging task can be completed easily by planning, organizing and working professionally. Always make sure to run the fundraising activity professionally. Spend enough time planning and strategizing.

One of the best ways is to open a fundraising gift shop; this helps you to raise money all year round. Where fundraising events are typically a one-off event that lasts for short time, a fundraising gift shop will make plenty of money for your charity all year round. Usually for a large charity this investment of a gift shop helps massively, but with the right connections it can also be suitable for smaller charities.

To run a gift shop is a major challenge, especially if you know nothing about running a shop. However if you plan and run the shop systematically you can generate considerable amounts of money.

Try to choose the gift shop's location, where the shop should be accessible to crowds and passing traffic adds to your sales. Also think about where you will get your products from, you might want to sell new products or you might like to sell second hand products.

Check out with your vendors to give a better discount as you are helping a good cause. Getting hold of second hand products is easier than you might imagine, most people will donate items to you if they think that you are a worthy cause.

Always research and spend time planning the gift shop carefully as it is a long term project, and any mistakes could be very damaging to the success of your fundraising.

Running a gift shop can be very rewarding, however remember that there will be many costs associated with running these shops that need to be correctly identified. Having a fundraising gift shop can also be very beneficial to help you build a brand image for your charity; this will increase the awareness of your charity. Selling products in a gift shop is a really good way of raising money to support your charity.

Where do you think the Real Big Money is?

Many sports aren't really about the game but more money is made from the franchising (sale of clothing, advertising and other events) than from the game itself.

If your focus is to raise money and support a team or school, you can always set up a gift shop with clothing, jewelery and other branded products. This can really work wonders in collecting money.

Volunteers' Rewards

Be sure to say 'thank you' to all those who has given their time and energy for free. Find special gifts for your volunteers like appreciation pins, volunteer angel pin, volunteer apple pin & golden volunteer pins.

School - Class of 2024/2025

Whether it's your high school prom or graduation, there are plenty of gifts - including golden volunteer pins, No 1 Teacher pin, graduation pins, Class of '25 Necklace, Class of '25 bracelet, class of '25 lanyard. So, get in the school spirit and celebrate your identity!

Graduation Time

For celebrations and holding on to special memories, a range of graduation gifts for your fundraiser - golden pens, golden key rings, graduation cap pin, Class of '25 necklace, bracelets & lanyards.

Find them :

Reindeer Lane

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Fund Raising Zone

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