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Parent Teacher Association Fundraising Ideas

PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of willing parent helpers who volunteer to help at school, helping in the classroom and in raising funds for the school (it also assures parental involvement in the life of the school).

This participation idea works very well, and is used to equip schools and finance school trips or any task which is necessary for being a helping hand at school. The aim is to keep childrens safe, healthy and successful within their school environment.

Running an Annual Summer Fete

Usually the idea of gathering children, parents and grandparents where every child and some parents get involved in creating a memorable and fun event where parents and grandparents come along with the family to have fun and spend a few dollars to see their kids having fun. This is one of the most popular and successful PTA fundraising idea.

We have listed out few ideas of stalls that you could have, check what skills your parents have and request them to offer help, so you will a have bundle of fun to celebrate the festival.
  • Egg hunt
  • Duck race – kids love this
  • Balloon Race -see whose goes the farthest
  • White Elephant Stall - sell anything that people will give you
  • Lucky Dip - kids love picking out small gifts from a barrel full of hay or sawdust
  • Book Stall for junior readers
  • Face painting - worth trying this out or buying a book to get ideas, kids love this and can take or wear home the fabulous results
  • Guess the name of the teddy (or doll or ...)
  • Guess the number of sweets in the jar
  • Hair braiding - it won't be the same as those done by a professional hair braiders but it can last a few days and be fun
  • Necklace making with beads - kids love to make something to take home for their moms
  • Wet Sponge the teacher - for older children and brave teacher
  • Penalty Soccer Shoot Outs – the favorite with the boys
  • Shove halfpenny
  • Treasure Map - guess where the treasure is, on a map marked with squares
  • Plant stall - popular with parents
  • Hoop La
  • Ice cream - use the school kitchen or have a parent with a van
  • Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee - on a warm day, this will be a successful stall alongside the cakes
  • Cake stall – including dairy and nut free, allergy friendly
  • Strawberries & Cream - popular around Wimbledon time
  • Sweet Shop – For the kids to spend their pocket money.

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