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Candy Bar Fundraising Ideas

Candy is the "flavor for all seasons" - everyone loves candy! Selling candy is one of the best fundraising ideas during festive season. This is one of the ideal gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Usually selling candies and chocolates are so easy because items sell themselves because we are selling branded items that people like and known to them.

Candy Bar Fundraising for Everyone

Once you decided to sell candies, plan your selling either sell door-to-door, through catalogues else you can set up a small shop that operates at set times.

If many children or young people are involved in selling, do make sure that they only sell to family and neighbors, and restrict them from knocking at doors without adult supervision. Teach them how to sell without forcing people to buy.

You can have an incentive for people who raise the most money - they could even choose their prize.

Selling during midterms and finals can also be lucrative. To people who prefer healthier options, add in varieties like a fruit basket, dark chocolate, dry fruits to your ranges.

The amount of money that you make will depend on several different things:
  • How many people will be selling candy
  • How much you sell
  • The level of profit offered by the company
If a team of 10 sold $2000 worth candy, you would take home a profit of about $1000 !!

Candy Bar Fundraising More money making tips.

Branded items selling -There are many great ideas for fund raisers who are selling popular brands such as Hershey (kisses are particularly popular around Valentines Day), M&M's and lollipops.

New in the market -If you're selling something new, it's wise to have a few tasters or samples, so people can see or taste what they are buying.

Chocolate fundraisers are a great way for you to raise money for your non profit organization. Many organizations facilitate the noble cause by offering free deliveries and are shipped to you from a local service company.

Lollipops- can be choose from themed ideas such as football pops, holiday , baseball , basketball, Easter, hearts/love (perfect for Valentines Day), & musical lollipops. There's something to suit just about every event.

Hershey's chocolate company offers profits up to 50% for school & band fundraisers, sports leagues, church youth groups and many other non profit clubs. They are into strategizing and selecting the best selling chocolates and candies that everyone will love.

Custom Chocolate Bars for Successful Fundraising... You can also think of the idea of building brand, make your own personalized printed wrappers and customize your candy bars.