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Raising Money during Holidays - Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Festive seasons are the best times to raise funds as people will be in a mood to celebrate and relax, so more eager to donate for a noble cause. And with the desire to help others for sure people will not think twice to donate some small amount from their budget.

People often scratch their heads when it comes to selecting gifts for their family and friends. Using a little creativity you can raise the funds for your organization and also help solve their present buying dilemma.

Tips to keep the funds coming in during the Christmas season :

Give to Get

Check out and do some research on what type of charity your target donors like and also check what it is that interests people. Capitalize on the generosity of these people asking for support for such as food banks, gifts centre etc. Arrange an event in which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to that charity.

Advertise the event and make sure to feature that charity prominently, by managing smartly you can raise some funds for your group and also you will be helping another worthy cause in your community.

Gifts for your parents

To bring in some extra cash into the system you can always organize an event where kids can assemble in a hall and make some crafts and gift their parents. Charge a set fee of between $10-$15 and help them to make their crafts, they will feel happy and proud to give a personalized gift for their parent.

Tips to manage the event- Ask volunteers from your group come up with a few choices of crafts for the participants to make. Talk to your local craft store to give a discount and check if they would be willing to donate materials to your group, then advertise their name in your event. And also ask members of your organization to make small donations of materials for the event.

Gift Wrap Station

During holiday season check out to set up gift wrap station to help people. Many malls will have a gift wrap booth if not talk to the management team set one up. It is a necessity for people who want to go to parties and in a hurry to finish buying gifts and wrapping them... all of a sudden everything is set to go for their party!

But remember to keep in mind it’s a big time commitment. But even after the expenses of wrapping paper, boxes and ribbons, the profit in this is huge. Check out who can volunteer from your group to man the station, and you’ll be able to raise a good deal of money.

The Hot New Toy

People are in such a mood to celebrate the festive seriously they do not mind shell out $5 or $10 (depending on the value of the item) they would love to have the hot item of the season under their tree on Christmas morning.

Check out and plan to get the hot new toy and then you can raise a huge amount of money raffling the item off for your group, ask your team members to advertise and sell tickets too.

Check out to do some online promotion as many people would love to visit webistes like Amazon, Craig's List and also there are many free ad websites make maximum use of online advertising and social community sites, people will be eager to buy and gift their loved ones so selling is easy.

Corporate Christmas wreaths

This is a tried and tested fundraising idea to make some money during Christmas. (Christmas doesn’t have to mean a fall in the amount of funds you raise). You need to be creative and understand where you need to concentrate and facilitate people and take their confidence and ask them to donate. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can raise during the holidays!